About The Puka Shell Company

It all started when I was a kid, visiting the beautiful beaches of Hawaii with my family. We would spend hours by the shore, feeling the warm sand between our toes and watching as kids built sandcastles, couples walked hand in hand along the beach and families enjoyed picnics together.

One day while walking along the beach, we stumbled upon something that caught our attention - puka shells! They were everywhere! The beautiful white-and-brown colored shells filled up the entire beach. We started to pick them up one by one until we had enough for each person in my family to have their own necklace.

Little did we know then how much these necklaces meant to us and how they changed our lives forever. These necklaces became symbols of love and friendship for us – a reminder of those happy days spent on that Hawaiian beach so long ago.

We decided to start selling puka shell necklaces as an homage to this special place in our hearts. From that moment onwards, every time someone buys a necklace from us it is like giving back some joy from that wonderful day at the beach so many years ago!